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Real-time Rainfall Observation - Padang X-band Doppler Radar

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Real-time Rainfall Observation - Padang X-band Doppler Radar

Post  ardhi on Wed 25 Aug 2010 - 14:08

Buat yg belum tahu, citra terbaru pengamatan X-band Doppler Radar Padang bisa diakses di :

Range (km)
PPI Rainrate (mm/hr)320 Surveillancehttp://
PPI Reflectivity (dBZ)320 Surveillancehttp://
PPI Doppler Velocity (m/s)320 Surveillancehttp://
CAPPI Reflectivity 2km (dBZ)160 Volume Scanhttp://
CAPPI Reflectivity 5km (dBZ)160Volume Scanhttp://
CAPPI Reflectivity 8km (dBZ)160Volume Scanhttp://
CAPPI Doppler Velocity 2km (m/s)160Volume Scanhttp://
CAPPI Doppler Velocity 5km (m/s)160Volume Scanhttp://
CAPPI Doppler Velocity 8km (m/s)160Volume Scanhttp://
VAD Wind Profile (div in 10**-4)14 (vertical) Volume Velocity Proc.

nb. berhubung pake server lokal, aksesnya rada lambat Wink

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