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ISAR-NCU 2010 Internatioal School

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ISAR-NCU 2010 Internatioal School Empty ISAR-NCU 2010 Internatioal School

Post  ardhi on Mon 9 Aug 2010 - 21:25

Untuk yg berminat dengan radar cuaca/atmosfer. Mumpung masih dibuka sampai tanggal 15 Agustus.

Informasi lebih lanjut silakan buka :


The international school ISAR-NCU 2010 will be held at the National Central University (NCU), Chung-Li, Taiwan, on November 15 to 24, 2010. This school is aiming to graduate and PhD students, young postdoctoral research scientists and engineers having background or work in the fields of atmospheric or ionospheric science, radar and radio system development and experimental applications. In particular methods applying different ground-based lower, middle, and upper atmosphere and ionosphere radar and radio methods will be addressed.

The ISAR-NCU 2010 will be directed by local directors Prof. Chien-Ming Huang (GISS-NCU) and Prof. Chen-Jeih Pan (GISS-NCU), and international directot Prof. Jürgen Röttger (MPS-ECCo). The local organization will be by the Graduate Institute of Space Science (GISS) under Chien-Ming Huang. Sponsors of this school will be the National Central University (NCU), and the Ministry of Education (MoE) of Taiwan.

Purpose of ISAR-NCU 2010

The school will include tutorial lectures, intensive training and computer laboratory work. During the latter the participants, supervised by the lectures, will analyze and interpret real data obtained by radars and radio receivers of NCU. Introductions will also be given on modeling and simulations. Lectures will be from the National Central University and the international community of atmosphere-ionosphere research using ground- and satellite-based radio methods.

It is expected that 20-25 students will participate, where about half of these should be from foreign countries. The students will stay on campus and the lectures are planned to be held at the lecture hall and computing laboratory of the CSRSR, NCU. Limited funds will available by sponsors NCU, NSC, and MoE to support foreign lecturers and students to attend this school.

Lecture topics

In Particular, tutorials, lectures and training courses are planned to be hold on the following topics:

Radar (MST, IS, and ionosondes) and radio (total electron content) techniques and processing.
The corresponding data output for scientific use.
Ionosphere-atmosphere science and application.
Atmospheric and ionospheric radar imaging.

(We DO NOT accept any candidate who has participated the past ISAR-NCU.)

Graduate or PhD students and postdoctoral scientists may attend the school. Although the main purpose of this school is to help researchers and engineers from developing nations through a program of training activities within a framework of international cooperation, students and postdoctoral scientists from developed countries are also welcome to attend, as the school will be conducted in English, participants must have a good working knowledge of that language.

As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants can be borne by ISAR-NCU, since limited funds are available for some participants from, and working in, developing countries, to be selected by the organizers. As scarcity of funds allows travel to be granted in particular cases, but every effort should be made by candidates to secure support for their fares (or at least half fare) from their home country. It is stressed that participants whose travel expenses are paid by the NCU are required to attend the entire activity. For logistics reasons, connected with the number of Personal Computers available, the total number of participants in the School if limited. There is no tuition fee to attend the school.

Any questions about the school ISAR-NCU 2010, please contact:

Telephone: +886-3-422-7151 #65773
Telefax: +886-3-422-4394
Applications for admission to ISAR-NCU 2010 may be filled until August 15 through this website: - Participation Page

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